24 things expats find surprising about Australian working culture

24 things expats find surprising about Australian working culture

Australians have a unique set of business etiquette rules in comparison to other business cultures.

To mark Australia Day, Business Insider Australia took a look at what expats living in Australia, or returning expats, think of the Australian working culture.

For example, we don’t mind the use of profanity in the office. We might be laid back, but being late is uncool. We prefer chit chat to start a business meeting and we socialise after work — a lot.

And while it may be second nature to partake in these rituals for those of us who are none the wiser, some of these conventions can be surprising to foreigners when they begin working in Australia.

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One expat commented on the capacity to innovate "What I am no longer surprised by but constantly reminded of is the limitless capacity for innovation... It’s part of Australia’s DNA and I see it reflected in our own business – agile, diverse, innovative with speed to market as a key point of difference here and internationally.

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