A Framework for FinTech: The Whitehouse

A Framework for FinTech: The Whitehouse

At the White House FinTech Summit in June 2016, Cabinet Secretaries and senior officials from across the Administration engaged with stakeholders about the potential for fintech to further myriad policy goals, including small business access to capital, financial inclusion and health, domestic growth, and international development.

At the same event, industry and other stakeholders conveyed the need for a framework that articulates the U.S. government’s perspective on fintech.

Today, after sustained stakeholder engagement, they publish a whitepaper: A Framework for FinTech.

This whitepaper expresses the forward-leaning posture of this Administration to innovation and entrepreneurship, generally, and fintech in particular.

Read the whole White House statement here.

The ten principles encourage stakeholders to:

  • think broadly about the financial ecosystem;
  • start with the consumer in mind;
  • promote safe financial inclusion and financial health;
  • recognize and overcome potential technological bias;
  • maximize transparency;
  • strive for interoperability and harmonize technical standards;
  • build in cybersecurity, data security, and privacy protections from the start;
  • increase efficiency and effectiveness in financial infrastructure;
  • protect financial stability; and
  • continue and strengthen cross-sector engagement.

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