Cash Hangs On, survey suggests

Cash Hangs On, survey suggests

Despite what Silicon Valley may have you think, cash still registers.

There are signs, however, that cash is losing ground to other payment types. In last year’s study, people used cash 32 per cent of the time. That’s a decline from the last Fed study in 2012, when people used cash 40 per cent of the time.

The value of electronic payments tended to be higher than cash, debit or cred­it card transactions. Cash accounted for just 9 per cent of payment value, while debit and credit payments combined accounted for 34 per cent of money spent. Electronic payments topped the charts, with 35 per cent of total payment value.

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For all it's remaining popularity, cash is not a great option to transfer money around the globe. And frankly, neither are the big banks or traditional currency traders. New technology makes this now much easier and quicker.

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