CBA and NAB admit impropriety in foreign exchange trading

CBA and NAB admit impropriety in foreign exchange trading

The Age writes "Commonwealth Bank and the National Australia Bank have entered into enforceable undertakings with ASIC after foreign exchange traders were revealed to have front run orders on personal accounts and triggered client stop-loss orders.

"The extraordinary behaviour is laid bare in separate enforceable undertakings (EUs) from the two banks and is backed up with chat room transcripts where the traders share confidential information about their clients and their positions.

"The shocking behaviour of the traders is just the latest in a string of scandals to have plagued the banks in 2016."

Around the world, banks have been fined in excess of $10 billion for these illegal foreign exchange manipulation practices, with more enforcement still to come. While banks have pledged to clean up their act, the question remains whether the opaque, siloed and inefficient nature of their foreign exchange networks will not ultimately lead them back to these illegal practices.

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