Flash Payments: Connecting Australia to the UK Economy

Flash Payments offers the simple option for Australians looking to send money overseas to the United Kingdom. Learn how you could benefit in our latest blog.

Flash Payments: Connecting Australia to the UK Economy

The connections between Australia and the United Kingdom go right back to the former’s colonisation. Australia’s oldest international trading partner and long considered the mother country by many citizens, it holds a special significance for many Australians both personally and professionally.

Flash Payments wants to streamline the process of sending money from Australia to the UK. Read on and learn how you could benefit from Flash Payments’s low transaction fees, industry-leading security and state-of-the-art fintech platform.

Endless business opportunities

London is a global economic hub and a lynchpin of the international financial system. Generating more than £408 billion (or AU$721 billion) in 2016, it alone accounts for nearly a quarter of the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom, making it the largest city in Europe by GDP.

Far and away the most important industry to the city is its financial sector. London not only has the highest number of overseas and foreign banks of any city in the world – nearly 500 – it is also the world’s largest currency trading centre, accounting for more than a third (37 per cent) of the average daily volume.

Additionally, the UK’s close proximity to the continent will mean any business established there will be easily able to build strong relationships in Europe. Whether via less involved methods such as establishing a supplier network or more directly through subsidiaries, incorporating in the United Kingdom puts more than half a billion Europeans within reach.

While many firms are concerned about how the precise nature of the Brexit agreement will impact them, it’s safe to say that any disruption to business would be temporary at best as the UK and the European Union ink new trade deals. All proposed agreements put continuity of business as a very high priority, aiming to achieve a close relationship on services and investment between the UK and the EU.

This is to all to say that even if you yourself do not directly play in the United Kingdom market, its highly likely that any company with any sort of international presence will at some point be required to have money pass through London.

Prepare yourself for that eventuality by familiarising yourself with Flash Payments. Fully customisable to your needs, its suitable for high-volume use by companies directly competing within the UK, as well as low-volume high-value transactions by businesses requiring less frequent access. A flexible and secure currency exchange platform, it simplifies the process of transferring any quantity of money from Australia to the United Kingdom.

Your connection to family

While Australia’s long and historic connection to the United Kingdom in our language, politics, religion and culture is well known, what’s less understood is just how significant the population of UK-born Australians is. Nearly five per cent of Australia’s total population was born in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as per the 2016 Census, meaning that familial connections between our two island nations are extremely strong.

If you’re one of the millions of new Australians with immediate family and close friends just across the sea in the United Kingdom, it can often feel difficult to both build a life here while preserving your one back home. Additionally, with international post so unpredictable, it can be hard to show you care around weddings, birthdays and other special occasions with a gift.

Flash Payments offers a solution. Ensure your friends have a beautiful start to married life with a gift to help them towards their first home, or make a relative’s birthday the happiest yet with just the right amount of money they need to get their dream present.

Expanding your network

Australia’s close cultural connections with the UK mean that many local industries will find natural partners in industry across the seas. In addition to the purely commercial opportunities available in terms of new markets, new suppliers and new products, the UK offers businesses the chance to educate their staff and further develop their own skills, while building closer connections with like-minded people overseas.

An international centre of innovation, London is host to some of the world’s most prestigious trade shows and expos, offering unparalleled opportunity for professionals. The events on offer are as diverse as the city itself, covering everything from information security to textiles, beauty products and healthcare. If you’re a savvy businessperson looking to expand your network, develop your contacts and enhance your company’s profile, you’d do well to consider putting London on your travel itinerary.

As with any travel, there are an extensive number of bills to pay long before you touch down in your destination. If you’re planning a trip to the UK, make Flash Payments a part of the journey. Flash Payments makes it easy to pay for accommodation, travel and other expenses all the while minimising your transaction fees. Don’t get slugged $5, $10 or $15 every time you run your card to pay for a flight – pay with Flash Payments and keep more money in your pocket for when you visit.