Foreign currency transfers. The modern shell game.

Foreign currency transfers. The modern shell game.

Big institutions bouncing your money around the world like a pinball to multiple fee-charging banks using a complex and expensive relationship network – a desperate stand-in for an efficient transfer solution – all operating at your expense and hidden from your scrutiny by a global agreement to keep the system totally opaque so they can keep skimming money off the top without accountability. And usually, at least six banks are in on this scheme.

Screw that. We all deserve better.

One fintech company that's doing just that. It has just launched in the real-time cross borders payment space, providing a competitive alternative to the existing opaque, siloed and inefficient banking networks.

A great user experience is at the centre of the system.

Built on a common global infrastructure and bringing new efficiencies to financial remittances by enabling near real-time settlements, improving visibility and reducing risk, Flash Payments delivers tangible advantages from a technical, a financial and user experience perspective.

Based in Sydney Australia, Flash Payments is a cutting edge fin-tech startup engineered from the ground up to deliver intelligent foreign exchange transfer services without hidden fees.

Using the innovative Ripple technology platform and XRP, Ripple's digital currency, Flash Payments delivers extraordinary transparency, speed and transactional control to users.

Flash Payments provides a lean high-performance foreign exchange transfer payment services that safely, efficiently and reliably provides users with a better customer experience.

The technology tightly integrates payments messaging with funds settlements, allowing for unprecedented visibility and performance.

Unlike the banks, Flash Payments puts their customers in control. They can choose a target conversion rate, automate the international money transfer and track their currency transfer, like a package, from start to finish.

Learn more about Flash Payments to benefit from their cutting-edge technology, great rates, transparency and control.