Only A Happy Customer is a Returning Customer!

Only A Happy Customer is a Returning Customer!

At Flash FX, we truly believe in making sure that each and every customer is happy and satisfied with their foreign exchange transfers.

Sounds strange right?

Is anyone ever truly satisfied with a foreign exchange transaction?

For too long consumers have been denied basic control or visibility over their foreign currency transfers as the banks pass their money.

Not at Flash FX.

Beyond satisfied, we want to make every Flash FX transfer you make the easiest and best FX transfer you’ve ever made.

Unlike the big banks, we’re not concerned with pocketing huge fees or getting you out of the way as fast as we can.

We’re smaller, more agile, more focused on giving you back the control you deserve. We believe only a happy customer is a returning customer, so we focus on providing outstanding services:

One happy and satisfied customer at a time.

At Flash FX, we strive to make the foreign exchange process as easy, transparent and pain-free as possible. You should be in control of your money and have full visibility.

They say if you want to be successful, you should create a company you’d want to use, for us that’s Flash FX.

We were sick of the opaque foreign exchange process and wondering where our money was and why we were getting charges such high fees.

We wanted to take back control of the process.

At Flash FX we’ve taken the banks out of the process so everything is faster and cheaper with the same level of security.

We believe that once you experience the difference Flash FX makes with your foreign exchange transfers, you’ll become a customer for life. You’ll probably tell your friends and family about how much easier we’ve made to send foreign currency as well. Hopefully they’ll become customers as well.

We’re not asking for a handout, we want to EARN your business.

We don’t want there to be any confusion about the process, or where your money is.

We want everything to be simple.

When you do business with Flash FX the only thought you’re going to have is;

“Was that it? That was awesome!”

Foreign exchange the way it’s meant to be:

  • Simple.

  • Quick.

  • Pain-Free.

And most importantly you will receive more money than you were expecting or you would receive from a big bank!

We believed there was something wrong with the way foreign exchange worked, so we did something about it.

Now we want you to see the difference, let us make you our next happy satisfied customer.

You’ve given away enough money to the big banks, so let's get started.

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