Sydney, Melbourne property now affordable – if you are ultra-rich

Sydney, Melbourne property now affordable – if you are ultra-rich

Sydney and Melbourne property is finally becoming more affordable, but only for the ultra rich.

Despite both cities being in the middle of a housing affordability crisis, luxury house/apartment prices have plunged down the list of the world's most expensive luxury residential property markets.

Shanghai saw the biggest increase in the value of luxury homes over the past 12 months, with prices jumping over 27 per cent. The likes of Beijing (26.8 per cent), Auckland (16 per cent) and Toronto (15.1 per cent) also saw steep rises.

Sydney (9.3 per cent) and Melbourne (8.8 per cent) were 11th and 12th on the list, meaning buying a house in Double Bay or Toorak will likely be on the agenda for people with deep pockets.

Read the full article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to Michelle Ciesielski, Knight Frank's director, residential research, Australia, the latest figures reveal that Sydney has seen an annual net inflow of 4000 high net worth​ individuals, while Melbourne and Perth have seen a net inflow of 3000 and 1000 HNWIs respectively.

Ms Ciesielski added that there is an extra layer of buyers, the expat dollar, which is still favourable, and as a result, many are securing their ideal home for when they return to Australia.

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