Flight of the International Students

Flight of the International Students

Getting an education abroad is an increasingly likely prospect for students across the globe, especially for those living in the Global South. In the 2014 – 2015 academic year, the world’s stock of internationally mobile students grew to approximately 5 million.

While Britain and the United States (US) are becoming more strict in issuing student visas, Canada, Australia, and Singapore are creating policies and atmospheres that attract foreign students to their universities.

In absolute numbers, the US still attracts the largest number of foreign students, with a total of 975,000 registered last year.

Unlike the US and UK, Canada has been actively opening its borders to international students. Seeking to grow its labour force, Canada has made attracting international students as one of its top immigration priorities.

Canada and Australia could see major positive changes in demography over the coming years if foreign students continue to dominate the immigration processes.

Red more in The McGill International Review.

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