The Most Expensive Cities in the World for Expats 2018

According to a new report released by Mercer the price of expat life went up in 2018 for Aussies living in select cities.

The Most Expensive Cities in the World for Expats 2018

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According to a new report released by Mercer, an international consultancy, the price of expat life just got a bit more expensive for Aussies living in some select cities.

Mercer's annual cost of living survey sees Asian cities rank prominently among the world's most expensive cities for expats.

Hong Kong topped this year's rankings, followed closely by other Asia finance hubs including Toyko (2nd), Singapore (4th), Seoul (5th) and Shanghai (7th).

Outside of Asia European and African cities scored highest for exapts. Zurich, Switzerland ranked third while Luanda, last year's number one, fell to sixth.

Mercer said currency fluctuations were the driving reason for Asia topping most of the list.

US cities, notably New York City, dropped in the rankings due to a steady pick up in the European economy, which triggered a decline in the US dollar against other major currencies in the world. New York City fell four places and is now ranked 13th.

Australian cities also fell in the rankings. Brisbane (84) and Perth (61) dropped thirteen and eleven spots, respectively, while Sydney, Australia's most expensive city for expatriates, fell four spots to number 29.

Currency fluctuations can play a big part in the cost of living for Australians living and working overseas. This is particularly true if you are getting paid in Australian dollars (A$).

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