Why can’t you track your money?

Why can’t you track your money?

The quality of lives has been tremendously improved by innovation from new technologies and business models. Its normal to check your mobile for the next bus arrival, book a hotel and track the parcel of your latest online acquisition. We enjoy it, we almost demand it for whatever service we are using.

However in finance, and particularly with overseas payments, the advancement in technology and the ability track your money is not something traditional financial institutions would be able to offer.

Consider this, while as a consumer you might have noticed new and flashy homepages, but if the underlying finance and core infrastructure is 30 years old, all you get are slowly processed, inefficient and costly products. Surprisingly there has not been much innovation in areas where we expect it most.

It does not come as a surprise that Australian banks are the most profitable in the world. The drive to generate revenues and being to able to charge a fee at every turn is more important than to excel in client services or satisfaction. For too long, the investments in technology have been too small or only with a short-term thinking mindset.

At Flash Payments, we want to change your perception of what’s possible. We believe that innovation through technology is key and available for every Australian consumer client.

We offer fast, secure and very competitive foreign exchange transfer services built on the latest technology and provides unprecedented visibility and price transparency.

Front and center is our focus to create an exceptional user experience, delivering extraordinary control to users and always without "hidden fees".

With Flash Payments you can send funds like an email, track transfers like a package, and you are never surprised by hidden charges. There are none.

If you want to make a positive difference, especially in uncertain times, skip the banks and take back control. Choose Flash Payments for your foreign exchange transfers.

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