Big Bank FX - There is always another way...

Welcome to Big Bank FX money transfers. Learn about the ugly truth when sending money overseas.

With Flash FX there is now another way.

As one the latest entries into the currency transfer business Flash Payments, a cutting edge FinTech start-up based in Sydney Australia, is engineered from the ground up to deliver great rates and full control to its customers, without any hidden fees.

Unlike the traditional currency converters and the big banks, Flash Payments is one of the first to use the innovative Ripple technology and XRP, Ripple's digital currency. Thanks to XRP Flash Payments deliver exceptional transparency, speed and transaction control to their customers.

Flash Payments enables users to track their currency transfer like a package from start to finish, so they know exactly what they are getting, without hidden fees.

Also, customers can look at past exchange rates and choose the conversion rate they'd like. Users can even plan and automate their international money transfers.

Learn more about Flash Payments and register to benefit from their cutting-edge technology, great rates and transparency.