Bank executive takes over as new chief of the Digital Transformation Agency

Bank executive takes over as new chief of the Digital Transformation Agency

Gavin Slater, former NAB executive, will be the new chief executive of the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency.

In a statement the Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation Angus Taylor said Slater had a proven track record in driving transformation change to respond to digital disruption, and his experience would be invaluable as the DTA advances whole-of-government improvements in digital delivery, a review of all major IT projects across government, as well as significant changes in the way we procure ICT services.

Interim-CEO Nerida O’Loughlin confirmed the big four banks are the government’s main digital transformation role models, during an address to the Australian Information Industry Association in Canberra on Wednesday morning.

“Increasingly there’s an expectation by users that government will deliver the same level of service as the private sector,” said O’Loughlin, repeating a point regularly made in discussions of government’s own digital journey.

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In the 'real world' where the fintech revolution is outing the big banks as 'laggards', one has to wonder how and why the government sees these institutions as cutting edge digital disruptors whose model they aim to emulate.

With this approach, the stated goal "that government will deliver the same level of service as the private sector" is likely to be missed, even before it is implemented.

Having said that, this approach leaves the government services sector wide open to significant disruption by nimble, state of the art fintech service providers emerging on a daily basis.

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