Christmas is coming… Why it’s better to send money instead of gifts to family overseas.

Christmas is coming… Why it’s better to send money instead of gifts to family overseas.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s almost time to start thinking up gift ideas. But when you are buying for loved ones who live overseas, there’s more to consider when choosing the perfect present.

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping

On top of worrying whether or not they’ll like it, there’s a lot of hassle that comes with buying gifts for people living abroad. Postage restrictions limit gifts to certain sizes and weights, and there is always the risk of delivering damaged goods if you opt for a present that is fragile. Then there’s the extra money you’ll pay for on-time Christmas postage and the headache of long lines at the local post office.

Who wants this sort of stress at Christmas? This year do yourself a favour and consider sending money in lieu of gifts. Here are our top reasons why an international money transfer should be on your family’s Christmas list.

People usually prefer cash

It might be a slightly un-PC thing to say, but when it comes to gifts nothing beats cash. Getting money in your pocket to buy exactly what YOU want is preferable to receiving a gift that you don’t need or like. So rather than paying for postage and hoping it arrives on time, make an overseas money transfer into your loved ones’ bank account and let them use the funds to treat themselves.

Flash Payments offers affordable, fast and secure international money transfers from Australia to 40 countries and 19 currencies.

Avoid postage pitfalls

Transfers typically take 48 hours or less

When you choose to send a package via post you are at the mercy of post office hours and delivery capabilities. You can only mail your package during business hours, and international delivery times are often unpredictable. If you want to be able to track your package, you’ll be charged extra.

International money transfers can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No trekking to the post office or waiting in queues. Instead, simply log in online and complete the transaction from the comfort of your own home.

At Flash Payments we guarantee speedy overseas money transfers. With delivery times of typically 48 hours or less you won’t have to worry about your gift not arriving in time. And unlike the post office, we let your track your money every step of the way for no extra cost.

Save on postage costs

High international postage rates add an extra cost burden to anyone buying gifts for family and friends overseas. If you’ve purchased something fragile, or you need rushed delivery your postage charges will be even more.

Making an international money transfer with Flash Payments can be a cheaper alternative to sending a Christmas package. Unlike the post office, there are no transaction fees when you convert AUD to a foreign currency and send to a local bank account. Flash Payments also offers competitive and transparent exchange rates that are up to 5.0% cheaper than what you would get from the Australian banks.

Your money always arrives safely

When you send a gift to someone overseas you can never be sure that it will arrive in one piece, or at all. Give yourself peace of mind this Christmas and send money to family or friends with Flash Payments.

Our robust encryption technology is there to protect both your funds and data, while our 24/7 support lines are there to answer any questions you might have about your transfer along the way. Tightly regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC (just like the banks), we are proud to offer top-notch security to our customers. You can check on the status of your transfer at any point by simply logging in looking at your Flash Payments dashboard.

Be the next-best-thing to Santa this Christmas and give the gift of a bank account top-up. Use Flash Payments to get the best exchange rates and save on transfer fees when sending cash to loved ones overseas. With speedy transfer times and trackable delivery options we’ll help you take the guesswork out of giving.